Satcom owning more than 6 campuses in Addis Ababa Ethiopia is expanding its accessibility for our esteemed trainees; you can visit in any of your nearby campuses to start your journey. Our workshops are fully equipped with the state of the art, latest technological facilities.

Piassa campus


Located in the down town of Addis you find our workshop surrounded with different hotels, bar and restaurants and amazing historic places. You can gaze the city municipality around and watch the statue of MenelikII in a walking distance.

  • To enlist some of the Inside the workshop devises you can find
    Safety gloves, helmets, fire extinguishers, first aid kits and emergency exits
    Input and output Power systems
    Motors, generators
    Electric circuit system, microchip boards and processors
    LEDs and CRTs
    Real life devices such as televisions, radios, speakers and others
    Capacitors, batteries, magnetic systems and many more

Torhailoch workshop


This is one of the lovely places you wander around with the country’s military headquarter is located. There are many more amazing things you do during your stay.

  • Our workshop include
    Electrical, Electro mechanical and installation laboratories. Which incudes
    Motors and generators

Tuludimtu workshop


Located at the tip of Addis it shows the urban mixed with the rural geographic view. Breathing the fresh air with cool look it’s all smart decision.

  • Our workshop if full of these fixes and accessories
    Installation workshops
    Power Cables
    Floor maps
    Power utilities
    Fire detectors

Megenagna Workshop


Kality workshop