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About us

Satcom institute of technology (SIT) was established by the Mr. Elias in December 2005 intended to provide short term and long term technological and technical trainings to the community with its first branch in Piassa. By the great endeavor of its founder, Mr. Elias who was a young, enthusiastic and brilliant personality, Satcom has set a vision in becoming one of the profounding technological institutes in Ethiopia. In the past years it has succeeded in achieving its goals and marching towards broader stages. Thus, it has become a place where skilled and intelligent professionals are created and incubated to the existing community and working industry.

Mr. Elias has observed a huge gap between the theoretical and practical learning process and planned specially to solve this key issue. We understood the importance of the `only practice` motto to our esteemed customers. As we are one of the nations where technology is regarded as extra, we are being the responsible party in tackling and developing modern trends by soft skill development.

We can say that we have made a tremendous change in the life of youth’s skill though facing big challenges. We inspired youngsters from high school to college students to scale up their mental and technical faculties through gradual process.

We encourage innovation, collaboration and creativity among diverse interdisciplinary categories in the persistent pursuit of big ideas and novel approaches. Thanks to our master mind instructors and hardworking team we continue to impact the community and keeping our history preparing our trainees for their better future in their life paths.

Our Vision

To produce with specialized Training programs for Lower, middle and higher level professionals that integrates Technologies for Economic development of Individuals, Business enterprises, organizations and the country as a whole!!

We shall dedicate our institute to serve students and students through excellence in education, discovery and real-life application.


To be one of the notable and profound institute of technology in Africa.

Contribute to the well-functioning and the technological development of Ethiopia.

Emerge as a premiere institute to serve trainees and industries for value added technical education coupled with innovation, incubation, and professional values.


To enhance industry training linkage

To facilitate our trainees with appropriate professional skills plus life skills

Develop modern and practical lab facilities


The professional standards and expectations

Sasha Johnson

Literature Teacher

Darmian Shaw

Physics Teacher

Joshua Matt

Matt Teacher

Taylor Launer

Music Teacher