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Solar Systems Maintenance

It is customary to replace the electricity with the use of solar systems for various reasons. It is environmental friendly, more economical and easily installed in distant regions. Allover you are able to understand the basic and advanced in any solar systems and devises. *This course is given along with any of the electronics, electro […]

Advanced Satellite Dish Maintenance And Networking

Every broadcast you watch live or offline in the TV channels has been the part of these satellite dishes functioning and networking. Easily put forth, satellite dish is essential in the broadcasting industry and in order to be the top satellite dish professionals and become successful you need to visit us. Course Description Satellite dish […]

Surveillance CCTV Installation And Maintenance

Security is of the primary issue while someone is in some working chain. In every infrastructure, there should be a controlling surveillance and security cameras to keep track of the well record of the business. So let you consider this department for a while. You would become the chosen master after you have accomplished Satcoms […]

Building Electrical Installation and maintenance

Mega cities are booming with modern and sophisticated building and electrical installation systems that requires diligent technicians to apply the rules and behind the techniques. We promised you to exercise in the state of the arts laboratory facilities and devises. Secure your placement at satcom right now. Course description Building electrical installation design Floor plan reading […]

Industrial equipment’s maintenance

We as a nation are considered to be the lowest rank industrial growth, attempting to evacuate from the agrarian state we have a big home work in changing this situation. We as part of this national goal have set industrial equipment’s maintenance section undergoing major changes in soft and gradual skill development. Our refrigerator and […]

Refrigerator and AC maintenance

This is important as East Africa is one of the regions in tropical temperature zone and hence refrigerators, Air conditioners (AC) are widely used items. Not only a warm region needs these stuffs but also hotels, restaurants and others use to preserve food and liquors. Assuming this in mind after taking our courses you would […]

Office machines maintenance

Look this1 you are reading our texts through the medium of Pcs and printing our emails through your LaserJet or inkjet printers. This is the simplest example you need to consider again without the help of these important devises we would have been able to precede our day to day journey. Therefore it should be […]

Audio Video Equipment maintenance

  Don’t hesitate to join our audio video equipment maintenance stream as our daily life and routine had become highly attached with earphones, speakers, amplifiers, home theatre and generally to sound systems. You will be enriched with the full scale mentoring and evaluation with our experienced instructors. You would be lucky enough to improve your […]

Computer maintenance and networking

With the sky rocketing of urban dwelling, construction of buildings and working offices are regarded as the door to modernization means. Computers and internet network makes up the major portion in Ethiopia’s development. Thus, our institute of technology is here to equip you with the latest skills in computer maintenance and networking. As always you […]

Cell Phones & Smart Phones Maintenance

As the growing demand for the usage of cellphones and smart phones at large it is should be asserted that one knows more about how they operate and function, After completing this course our students are among the highly demanded experts in the working community and greatly affects their carrier path, we provide a basic […]